Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Black Ice

The rain has stopped but for the trees
Who drip their drops on fallen leaves
On sidewalks and on busy streets
Where droplets all turn into sheets
Which freeze when the sun goes down
And makes it hard to get around

Understated Reign

Careful not to say to much
Try to reach but never touch
The meaning of the essence of it all
Understated is the way
The sun passes over every day
To daily grinders it's just a glowing ball
But what would be the daily grind
Without the sun's bright light to guide


Pledge allegance to the flag, or to the concept for which it stands
A flag is but a colored cloth, tangible in your hands

But allegance to material that will one day wither and fade
Is silly compared to the greatness for which the flag is made

But words will often be mistook when a saying becomes ingrained
Is it the flag or a greater idea for which the oath is maintained