Wednesday, April 1, 2009


An ever-hungry snake winds wherever it can wind
Gobbling up anything and everything it finds
Digesting and expanding from every bit it swallows
Until at last it has eaten it all

In time the snake finds the end of it's tail
Which by this point has become pretty stale
But with no better meal for its mouth to find
It begins to munch on its own behind

Finish Line

I'm running t'wards burnout
And I know that it's near
I'm running 'til burnout
But I have no fear

I'm running to burnout
And I know it's not far
I saw you as you sped there
Ahead in your car

I'm running t'wards burnout
But I don't really care 
Because I'm running to burnout
But you're already there

Big Electric Web

We are all entangled in a big electric web
Pretty soon you'll have a wire running out of your head 
Eliminating errors of your inefficient hands
Thinking thoughts that your fingers can't understand
But what happens if we let the wires dig in too deep
And they feed us our dreams so we don't need to sleep

We are all entangled in a big electric web 
Sharing words that are thought but are never said 
While pages of ages of sages are shown
So all of their wisdom can again be known
By anyone connected to the big electric web
Who takes the time that it takes to be read

We are all nodes in a big electric web
And it's good for us if we watch what gets said
So the future nodes someday can turn and look back
And see wisdom shining for them to reflect
And after they read about all our old pages
Their turn will come to become the new sages