Friday, April 18, 2008

The Ancient Forest

   Underneath the ancient trees that grow their branches high towards the sky to gather up the light and filter it to flowing shades of emerald and jade which reflect upon the gently rolling waters of a stream where happy forest daughters bathe and dream pleasant visions of provisions from flowers grown to fruits on shoots that bend down from the branches of the trees, and pleased, the daughters freely play. 
   A sudden shudder in the leaves breaks them from their peaceful dreams to hear a buzzing strange machine the likes of which they've never seen. With cold claws it tears tender trees up from the earth and shakes the dirt off as it feeds entire trees to it's ever chewing teeth, billowing black coughs into the air that scare all the creatures on the boughs as they huddle and watch how the noble forest daughters go forward and are slaughtered by spinning blades. And the river runs red and black with blood and mud, turning dreams of those downstream into nightmares, but the machine has no cares as it bears it's buzzing blades into the trees.

Silence is gold

If silence is golden, what's the value of gold
What are we holding when our tongues have grown cold

Silence is but the absence of sound
Empty hands pass nothing around

Silence means no sweet songs to hear
No encouraging words to ward off fear

Silence, the beginning of the end
Another missed chance to make a friend

Silence, how does it differ from death
It's sadder for it has a wasted breath

The Dread

The truth is you're just too scared to move
Scared of anything that might make you fall in love
With something outside of the dream you've been shown
Scared of what you've missed by not searching on your own
So you don't stand up, never take a look
At the stories that you can't find in any books
The stories of hunger, from the underfed
About searching for a bite, running from the dread

Countless people over centuries living in pain
How much longer will the story go on unchanged
Much more convenient to just fill your head
With what the television tells you so easily instead
Of taking a look at the path that lies ahead
If you're lonely now, start breaking your bread
Share what you've got while there's things to share
So if something happens to you theres someone who'll care

So when you're searching for a bite, running from the dread
You'll have a peaceful place to lay your head

Political Magicians

Political magicians are getting suspicious
To much ambitions to define what's religious
The voters will believe what their eyes will see
Constantly receiving what their opinions should be
Politicians sit back and have a nice chat
Humans die in Iraq while the pigs get fat

A Fast Fix For Information Addicts

Growing ooze that eats the brain
But makes you feel fit and keen
Makes it fun to go insane
As you spend your time inside the machine

Spend it while it passes by
But what returns for all the cost
A little amusement for the eye
To distract from all that's being lost

Ignorance is the bliss we choose
The distraction that we're fed
While our work is being used
From now until the day we're dead

We all will die at once together
A certain death we're preparing for
Predicted more than the weather
Killed by the chaos of a constant war.

Killed in the chaos of a constant war
Never quite knowing what we're fighting for
And yet we keep on asking for more

The Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk
Planting a seed
A new kind of growth
Is what he needs

Growing up a plant
To climb up to the clouds
Let the Golden Goose go
And throw the giants down


What is the sword stuck in the stone
And how long has it been since the blade was honed
Sits in a museum for visitors to see
But the velvet ropes keep it out of reach

Where is the dragon's mountain cave
Sits on a pile of gold he's saved
Razor teeth and fiery breath
Guarantee intruders a certain death

Who is the knight that can wield the blade
And climb to the mountain unafraid
Realizing the dragon is not the greatest danger
But could make a good ally as the weather gets stranger