Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dread

The truth is you're just too scared to move
Scared of anything that might make you fall in love
With something outside of the dream you've been shown
Scared of what you've missed by not searching on your own
So you don't stand up, never take a look
At the stories that you can't find in any books
The stories of hunger, from the underfed
About searching for a bite, running from the dread

Countless people over centuries living in pain
How much longer will the story go on unchanged
Much more convenient to just fill your head
With what the television tells you so easily instead
Of taking a look at the path that lies ahead
If you're lonely now, start breaking your bread
Share what you've got while there's things to share
So if something happens to you theres someone who'll care

So when you're searching for a bite, running from the dread
You'll have a peaceful place to lay your head

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