Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Extreme Boundaries

Walking around in extremes,
or so it seems;
maybe just walking around in a dream.
A carefully woven scheme
that cannot be broken
without choking
off the air supply.
You might wonder why
no one dares to touch it.
You can't budge it.
It was already shoved
and fell from above,
crashed with a big thud
and left broken and stuck in the mud.
But when the reality seen
is kept nice and clean,
no one notices what slips in between
the sprockets of the machine.
Too much armor protecting
so no one sees the dust collecting.
It's much too minuscule
to be mentioned in school
when there's tests that need preparing.
Tests that keep on scaring
students out of possibilities,
success based on probabilities
and skills based on numbers.
While an aging generation slumbers
the greatest prize
of their entire lives
is rotting away in the classroom.
Better act soon
before your children aren't as smart
as the computers at which they sit,
and the future is dark for certain.
But open the curtain
and let the light in.
Allow a new age of enlightenment to begin.


Some people just don't get it, you know. They actually do all that religious stuff on the weekends. They don't realize it's just an excuse to get some days off from work to do things that we actually want to do. Like go shopping, and to buy things to support the jobs that employ us, and give us the money that allows us to go shopping in our free time. What little free time we have that is. You know, with all of the new technology coming out that I need to have to keep me happy and safe and popular, I've been having to work a lot to get all the things I need, let alone what I want. To be honest I've even been working some weekends, both days. I guess I see it as an investment though, cause thats all I can really do with the extra money I don't have time to spend, invest it. I figure it's a good way to keep the market strong, so when I'm ready to enjoy it, my money will have really added up for me.

The Time is Now

The time is now to use our resources
To battle the oppressive and depressive forces
The principalities holding you under control
Enslave your body and now they're going for your soul

The time is now while we still have strength
Before they once again try to stretch the length
That they're going to make you have to jump
So you can feel ok with your self when you're taking a dump

The time is now to get back to Nature
Bomb Wall Street* with nerve gas so we can get on with the future
They're keeping everything held back at a global pace
But haven't realized yet that they're winning the wrong race

The time is now to find other options
For where we want our world to be
To stop trying to win by betting on auctions
While we watch the bids we aren't free

*please take this for it's figurative and not it's literal meaning, well, at least if you are a cop.


If they want to track everything that I do then let them
I'm gonna take my fears and I'm gonna forget them
I'll just make everything I do be something that I want people to know
And I'll give all those creeps a real good show

I'll keep track of everything that I do too
And post it on the internet to show to you
So you'll watch my back while (hopefully) being amused
And I'll tell you where I'm looking to find the fuse

So at least if we're losing we can learn to fight it
Maybe dig up some good evidence that might ignite it
Conjure up old spirits by learning some history
So we can be warned of what we shouldn't repeat

And it might tip us off on what's happening now
The part the history books haven't gotten to
If like me, you aren't willing to wait and see
Just pay attention and we might write history


I imagine all the time we could have had, all the things we could have done, and all the words we could have spoken. I imagine it all so vividly that i sometimes forget that we never did it. I think back to the few brief times we just sat back and talked and realized that those were the only real connections we had in all that time we spent together, keeping ourselves occupied. We both had a lot to say, and maybe it didn't ever really need to be said. I hope it didn't. I hope it was enough to just be near each other, in mutual understanding. I hope it was mutual for you too, and that it's not just a delusion i had to convince myself i was satisfied. I'm sorry for any opportunities i missed. I'm sorry for any chances that i wasn't brave enough to take. I'm sorry to you, and i'm sorry to the whole world that had to spend another moment suffering at the sight of another lost connection. I wonder at what point is my imagination a tool and at what point is it a burden. Will i use it to foresee possibilities and devise new plans, or will i instead just use it to keep myself satisfied, content in the memories of what could have been, but never can be again. Have i gotten so good at covering the places in my mind where there should be regrets that i don't even see the new ones coming. Is this satisfaction if i can convince myself it is? Is this independence if there's no one around to tell me it's not?


When you would shed a tear
but feel too weak
Call to your last strength
and stand up and speak.

I promise
for every critic you fear
There's hundreds more listeners
waiting to hear

Waiting for you
to inspire their thoughts
Because true inspiration
can't be bought

Some ideas won't make it
some might be proved untrue
These are experiences
for learning for you.

But each idea
that causes another to think
Will forge in the great chain
of agreement a link.

You won't remember your tears
with this thoughtful throng
But might shed some for joy
as you rise up in song.

A song that cannot
be written or produced
But will happen on it's own
by peace induced

And the more that sing
the greater it'll be
Diversity will create
more harmonies

For what monotone moron
would march to just one drum
Staying that course doesn't
seem productive or fun.

So stand up together
and examine the lies
And over the dark looming clouds
we can rise.

Selling Subculture

Subcultures absorbed for marketing schemes
Carefully crafted so you feel included
You're gaining acceptance, or so it seems
But when you go mainstream you get diluted

Dissolved, and packaged up for resale
Your heroes sell out but they say it's okay
Your history becomes a pop culture tale
As the agents convince you it's the American way


Why do we detest the wooded lot
Might be the only green space we've got
Poison or pull the flowering weeds
But never plant any better seeds

The grey bearded man with ragged hair
We treat as if he isn't there
But it's not the bent old man we hate
It's the inevitability of his state

We look to the future but refuse to see
The crooked path of entropy
With glasses bought from an optimist
Will we see the signs of the apocalypse

Fuck Space Travel

A fallout shelter,
A backup plan
In case someone drops a bomb
If the big one hits
Or a fissure splits
We've got somewhere to run

The future is quickly approaching
And catastrophe is encroaching
So zip on your spacesuit and fuel up the ship
Cause going to Mars is a real long trip

After Captain Kirk and Han Solo
You'd be crazy not to want to go
But I'm so sorry, I should have told you before
You're fucked dude, you're way too poor

Space was a just dream of yesterday,
When we started to see the damage done
And knew it was a downhill trend
There has to be another way
We can't just turn and run
This is not yet the end

If we can't find peace and happiness
In the world that created us
Can't find comfort with all this land
Just imagine what a mess
Life in Martian utopias
With barely enough room to stand

The Sick and the Tired

Stealing sons from family trades
For grand financial escapades
But no one can calculate the cost
Of our heritage getting lost

Foreigners fill the labor gaps
As Americans grasp their own boot straps
And hop around in a leapfrog race
Building a tower, but forgetting it's base

There will be no child left behind
They'll all be taught to march in line
And to buzz like every other worker bee
Continuing to pollinate the economy

But how do you feel when the beekeeper comes
And takes all your honey to buy more guns
Haven't used your stinger yet? Now's the time to try
Buzz your wings and start to fly