Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Extreme Boundaries

Walking around in extremes,
or so it seems;
maybe just walking around in a dream.
A carefully woven scheme
that cannot be broken
without choking
off the air supply.
You might wonder why
no one dares to touch it.
You can't budge it.
It was already shoved
and fell from above,
crashed with a big thud
and left broken and stuck in the mud.
But when the reality seen
is kept nice and clean,
no one notices what slips in between
the sprockets of the machine.
Too much armor protecting
so no one sees the dust collecting.
It's much too minuscule
to be mentioned in school
when there's tests that need preparing.
Tests that keep on scaring
students out of possibilities,
success based on probabilities
and skills based on numbers.
While an aging generation slumbers
the greatest prize
of their entire lives
is rotting away in the classroom.
Better act soon
before your children aren't as smart
as the computers at which they sit,
and the future is dark for certain.
But open the curtain
and let the light in.
Allow a new age of enlightenment to begin.

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