Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fuck Space Travel

A fallout shelter,
A backup plan
In case someone drops a bomb
If the big one hits
Or a fissure splits
We've got somewhere to run

The future is quickly approaching
And catastrophe is encroaching
So zip on your spacesuit and fuel up the ship
Cause going to Mars is a real long trip

After Captain Kirk and Han Solo
You'd be crazy not to want to go
But I'm so sorry, I should have told you before
You're fucked dude, you're way too poor

Space was a just dream of yesterday,
When we started to see the damage done
And knew it was a downhill trend
There has to be another way
We can't just turn and run
This is not yet the end

If we can't find peace and happiness
In the world that created us
Can't find comfort with all this land
Just imagine what a mess
Life in Martian utopias
With barely enough room to stand

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