Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Time is Now

The time is now to use our resources
To battle the oppressive and depressive forces
The principalities holding you under control
Enslave your body and now they're going for your soul

The time is now while we still have strength
Before they once again try to stretch the length
That they're going to make you have to jump
So you can feel ok with your self when you're taking a dump

The time is now to get back to Nature
Bomb Wall Street* with nerve gas so we can get on with the future
They're keeping everything held back at a global pace
But haven't realized yet that they're winning the wrong race

The time is now to find other options
For where we want our world to be
To stop trying to win by betting on auctions
While we watch the bids we aren't free

*please take this for it's figurative and not it's literal meaning, well, at least if you are a cop.

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