Wednesday, April 1, 2009


An ever-hungry snake winds wherever it can wind
Gobbling up anything and everything it finds
Digesting and expanding from every bit it swallows
Until at last it has eaten it all

In time the snake finds the end of it's tail
Which by this point has become pretty stale
But with no better meal for its mouth to find
It begins to munch on its own behind

Finish Line

I'm running t'wards burnout
And I know that it's near
I'm running 'til burnout
But I have no fear

I'm running to burnout
And I know it's not far
I saw you as you sped there
Ahead in your car

I'm running t'wards burnout
But I don't really care 
Because I'm running to burnout
But you're already there

Big Electric Web

We are all entangled in a big electric web
Pretty soon you'll have a wire running out of your head 
Eliminating errors of your inefficient hands
Thinking thoughts that your fingers can't understand
But what happens if we let the wires dig in too deep
And they feed us our dreams so we don't need to sleep

We are all entangled in a big electric web 
Sharing words that are thought but are never said 
While pages of ages of sages are shown
So all of their wisdom can again be known
By anyone connected to the big electric web
Who takes the time that it takes to be read

We are all nodes in a big electric web
And it's good for us if we watch what gets said
So the future nodes someday can turn and look back
And see wisdom shining for them to reflect
And after they read about all our old pages
Their turn will come to become the new sages

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Synthesized Humans (Ode to N.Y.)

There's colors on the street: red, white and blue
Reds eat it up, blues don't know what to do
We've got robot babies and zombie hordes
And factories that keep on producing more

Is it better to burn out or to fade away
Is it better to sell out or to lose your way
The future generations are becoming what they eat
Synthesized nutrients and hormone grown meat

We're out of the blue and into the black
And if it doesn't change soon there'll be no going back
Smoke stack plumes instead of trees
Algae blooms everywhere there's feed

There's a warning sign on the road ahead
But if you drive by too fast you can't read what it said
Six or seven figures have become the middle class
While the geniuses are all sleeping out on the grass

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Towers reaching up to the sky
Sit back, relax, and wonder why
Building them higher and higher up
Fighting a force that will never stop

Yet up they go and block the light
Self-centered on being the only sight
To see as you gaze off towards the horizon
Stone and steel intent on rising

But what about that unchanging force
There now and forever of course
The gravity of the situation
That all wonders age towards devastation

Spinning and Spinning

Spinning and spinning up to the speed that you need to break free and get to where you want to be, but do you see that the other side for which you pine is designed as a trap, to capture the momentum you've built up and keep you spinning and spinning without a break, and never actually takes you anywhere, just there, spinning and spinning, a gear in the machine that you keep clean with spinning rags and vacuum bags being filled until they pop and spill to make another mess to clean up with more spinning and spinning and spinning.


Taking pictures trapped in time
Prints on film and in the mind
Exposures all in part the same
New ideas with different names
Captured, printed in two dimensions
Yet deeper altering our intentions
With new information of broader horizons
Images that will open your eyes in
Spectrums of extradimensional pigments
New views of reality's figment

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zombie Land

Walk around on zombie streets 
Where all the zombies that you meet
Wander 'round with out an aim
Pawns in someone elses game
  Waiting for their turn to come

Walk the streets of zombie land
See undead shamblers under the command
Of some dark hidden master
Who awaits a great disaster
  Guessing where it will be from

Always watching, he looks out towards
The landscape filled with zombie hordes
Flesh barely clinging to skeletons
And wraiths that drift forever on
  Thinking this is eternity

But in the woods the werewolves prowl
While vampires hide in lofty towers
Whose foundations are starting to crack
Split by roots that won't be held back
  From a great undying tree

That gathers spirits of slaughtered creatures
Which find willing hosts and show their features
Unleashing the vengeance from the pain they felt
When they were killed for meat or pelt
  Dying in violent confusion

But the animal spirits will be put to rest
And their murderers made to pay their debts
When the life-suckers' secrets are made known
And each of the zombies can be shown
  That their slavers were just an illusion