Monday, October 27, 2008


The storm is brewing
The weather is right
Clouds are collecting
To block the sun's light

And the burned barren land
Cries out with thirst
Roots clinging to sand
Await the cloudburst

And out from the shade
Come the dry and parched
New friendships are made
As together they march

Towards the relief
From the sun's burning rays
To rinse off the grief
Of deserted past days

And the rain sparkles in
And the earth lets off steam
And suddenly things
Aren't as bad as they seem


My anger that I have is not with you
Even though it might be kindled by some things you do
We're all just products of the land we live in
And I hope that when it shows in me I'll be forgiven

If we can connect the points where our similarities are
And unite a network that will extend out far
In any available similarity's direction
And each watch it work in case it needs correction

We can stop trying to prove how strong we can fight
And start fighting to find how strong we can unite
Hold tight together and bear the weather
And we'll blow away our burdens like they were feathers

Break the chains that keep us tethered
When the umbilical cord poisons, it must be severed
So we can stand up out of this fetal position
And prove we're mature by making decisions


The time, the time is growing thin
Before the new time will begin
The old stands teetering on the brink
With barely any time to think

All hands on deck hold onto the rails
As all the faces are turning pale
The angle of the deck begins to tip
Before the wormhole warps the ship

Into a new exotic dimension
Where suddenly things don't seem the same
And all the crew stand up at attention
As they pick up the physics of a whole new game

Blades of Grass

Like blades of grass that bend in the wind
But can never move further from their roots
And when they start to grow too tall
The caretaker comes and mows them all
And bags up all of the shoots
The grass can only try to grow again

And the sun's heat beats down hot upon
The newly wounded blades
But the caretaker spreads some chemical food
And once again everything is good
As the mighty tree casts some shade
And the worries of the day are gone


Streams of information pouring out so fast
Not sure whats true or what will last
Competing ideolouges slander each other
Try to convince you you don't love your mother
Try to trick you into blowing your cover
Try to convince you you don't need any others
Than some presidents folded up in your pocket
Get enough pack 'em up in a safe and lock it
Then get more paranoid with every breath
But what you're afraid of is worse than death
Getting to the end of life and realizing
How short it is is so surprising

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


                              Be aware
And take each action with care
For time passes like a blade scraping
Upon a marble block that it's shaping

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Squealing Beasts

In the walls, running across the ceiling
I can hear them squealing
The next generation
Of infestation

Fed off the waste
I make in my haste
As I rush to avoid
Being annoyed
By the little things 
That busyness brings

But while I go crazy
The rats are all lazily
Off of what I don't eat
What I throw at my feet

In the rush to succeed 
We think we don't need
To watch the details
But what that entails
Is living with rats
Because thats
What you get
When you forget
That lifes not for rushing

It's not about pushing
Yourself to extremes
Even though it seems
It might get you there faster
When you're headed for disaster
You better slow down

Stop and look around
You've seen the rats
Now thats
What you need to take some time for
To settle the score
Before there's no more peace in your home
Because the rats won't leave you alone

They need
You to feed
Them with your scraps
That perhaps
Could have been better used
If only you had the time to choose
Your own path
Away from the rats

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Life on Earth is warfare
And if you don't know where 
To look to find it
You're blinded

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Industrial Entertainment

Entertained until our brains
Lay dormant in our skulls
Entertained until the pain
Is comfortably numbed
Entertained until eye strain
Becomes our second nature
Entertained, our time in vain
Trickles down from the future

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Throne

The thickened walls of the castle keep
Bury the peasents in too deep

With no where to go, their waste collects
The state of the kingdom it reflects

The king sits in his polished throne
Sitting, waiting all alone

The queen and jack await to push
The handle for the royal flush

As the king sits grinning unaware
Of the spiraling waters beneath his chair