Sunday, October 12, 2008

Squealing Beasts

In the walls, running across the ceiling
I can hear them squealing
The next generation
Of infestation

Fed off the waste
I make in my haste
As I rush to avoid
Being annoyed
By the little things 
That busyness brings

But while I go crazy
The rats are all lazily
Off of what I don't eat
What I throw at my feet

In the rush to succeed 
We think we don't need
To watch the details
But what that entails
Is living with rats
Because thats
What you get
When you forget
That lifes not for rushing

It's not about pushing
Yourself to extremes
Even though it seems
It might get you there faster
When you're headed for disaster
You better slow down

Stop and look around
You've seen the rats
Now thats
What you need to take some time for
To settle the score
Before there's no more peace in your home
Because the rats won't leave you alone

They need
You to feed
Them with your scraps
That perhaps
Could have been better used
If only you had the time to choose
Your own path
Away from the rats

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