Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Supply and Demand

Bow to big business as the great creators
The makers or are they fakers
Taking control of each exchange with a stranglehold
So they can buy up what we have and feed it back real slow
So we're thankful once we get it
And praise the great powers that allowed it
Supply and demand
Supply and demand
We're under the command of supply and demand
The more supplies needed to keep us happy
The closer we are to misery
Supply and demand
Controlled by those who control the land
In Africa sits many piles of diamonds
Waiting, separating their value from those who mine them
You are what you eat
And when they feed it
We eat it
And repeat it
We're told we need it
And we believe it
Supply and demand
Supply and demand
We're under the command of supply and demand
Imposing restrictions upon yourself
It doesn't feel like peer pressure if they're just trying to help
But your peers don't know any better than you
Because they never even noticed they were being used

The Separation of Church and State

Each religion in this system seems more and more the same
All designed to make profits off of a god's name
Sell supposed salvation to those who want it
So those who don't can afford to flaunt it

Robot Babies

A mother's soft voice
Replaced by a glowing screen
A bubbling child
Becomes a buzzing machine

Misdirected Aggressions

Aggressions kept passive for what, to be polite?
Saying mean things nicely doesn't make it right.
I know of the desire to keep your true feelings hidden,
How saying what you feel feels somehow forbidden.
There's a fear of exposure we each teach ourselves
Stifling ambition, storing hopes up on shelves
But you can't expect that change is just going to happen,
If you wanna make a difference you've gotta take action.
Everyone is so used to hearing everyone complain,
After a while it doesn't even register in the brain.
It becomes ingrained, becomes the new language
We accept it as normal to be filled with anguish.
But no good can come from living that way;
So all we have to do is decide that this is the day
When we turn our aggressions away from each other.
Find the real cause and then use our numbers
For, instead of against ourselves.
Pull new ideas off those dusty shelves.
Speak freely and vent off all of our anger,
Give the oppressors a taste of danger,
Make the principalities aware of their errors,
And live in control, not controlled by terror.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Welcoming Machine

This machine is not built of carefully tooled metal
It is not made of diodes and circuit boards
This machine is made of statistics
It's made of fears
Made of helplessness
Of artificial convenience
This machine is not just the infrastructure that we build
It's the ideas we agree with
Or ideas we are convinced of
This machine watches your weaknesses
It tracks your interests
It will print you a new ticket designed just for you
It wants to know you
It wants to be able to comprehend you
So the ticket it prints will satisfy you
And when you accept the ticket
You accept the formula that made it
You tell the machine that it is good enough
And the machine is happy that you are happy
Because now it can understand you
And you are no closer to understanding it

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Gold Standard

I look around and wonder why we're still at war
Soldiers giving their lives without knowing what for
I know that something happened with some towers and some jets
But the details are confusing so I'm starting to forget

Meanwhile I've been fighting on the streets every day
Making sure if someone looks at me I look the other way
I gotta hide the urges to look you in the eye
If you're crazy it's a sure way for me to die

But everybody's searching for something good to find
Turning eyes from each other t'wards the billboard signs
The airbrushed images all look so nice
But of course they forget to mention the price

The mercantile class is running the show
Selling answers for anything you want to know
If you're looking for love and a life of happiness
All you've gotta do is buy this expensive dress

And go to this place where you'll pay a small fee
To get a small chance to be all that you can be
If after all that you still don't make the cut
Just rinse and repeat till you're runnin' in a rut

It's such a small fee, a small slice of the cake
When compared to all of that money you make
What else ya gonna do with all the dough you're earning
You don't have time for much cause you've got work in the morning

And it doesn't really matter if you hate your job
'Cause it gives you what other people want to rob
And at the end of the day that's all you require
That you are the object of someones desire

Great minds that think alike have been imprisoned
Now they all think alike with their televisions

The media conglomerate will seek to confuse you
Then show you the way where they will use you
Make you feel unloved and alone
So they can lead you along like a good little drone

It's all in the plan that they've been devising
To program us to do their advertising
While the politicians help to pave a clear path
For the media moguls to cart all the cash

'Cause the more they help take the more they get reelected
And we keep getting robbed by the system we selected
From housing markets to college loans
What puts you in debt just makes you a drone

Puts you at the status of a worker bee
No matter if you've bought a life of luxury
As long as your in a monetary hole
That's just what they want so you can be controlled

'Cause when a tenth of a percent of the country's population
Has the wealth to buy off more than half of the nation
Is there any doubt that we're manipulated
When you're praying for change but just getting frustrated

And the media tells you it's the only way
For them to make money at the end of the day
Just like that thing that happened way back in September
But if they don't talk about it will you still remember

Or will you even hear about the latest news
If the media's told not to tell it to you

Powers uniting for the profits of the rich
Burying the poor deeper in a ditch
But to fat financial strategists it's all just a game
Disposable working class are pawns without names

Like livestock for slaughter you don't wanna get attached
'Cause it runs the risk your cold heart might crack
And you've come too far to have feelings like that
So just hide your remorse under more belly fat

Or lock it in a safe with the rest of the illusion
And spread more lies to keep the public deluded
No one can know what happened to the gold
How our last chance for freedom was secretly sold

Thus beginning the beginning of the end
Imaginary wealth for the banks to lend
A grandiose scheme for wealth confiscation
Complete financial dominance by control of inflation

Like an alchemist making gold from lead
But making it appear out of nothing instead
The only value now of money is in the belief
That the dollar bill is something that we still need

The bubble's growing thinner anything might pop it
But no one with money's gonna want to stop it
So it's time to fight back, and time to realize
That we've all been brought up in a system of lies

From upper middle to one check from the street
We're all just wage slaves paid to lick rich feet
But don't be discouraged as I know you might
Because together we can win this fight

And it'll take no violence, no knives or guns
Just to not believe in make believe funds
Rip up your bills 'cause they have no value
The true assets of this country are me and you

Respect the power of the workers
You know they deserve it, cause they do the labor
And turn the tables on the money changers
'Cause we are the people, and they are strangers

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Designer Gauze

Tempted by images that remain unseen
Only imagined on a glowing screen
But to tease with the notion of being pleased
Leaves an empty abscess open to disease
And that's the subtlest kind of infection
With no noticeable change until you attempt correction
Out of mind and out of sight
Makes it a difficult foe to fight
Hidden under a carefully crafted facade
Designed in the image of the electric god
That first created the emptiness
Then showed exactly how the wound should be dressed
And sins confessed back to the master
Keep the authority omniscient to avoid disaster
And if anyone lacks the faith to believe
That they can buy anything they might need
Cast them down with the bankrupt sinners
For this system is built to breed only winners
No matter how many losers it takes to make one
Ignore the rest and worship billboards of the chosen son
Who followed the path of a faceless father
Ensuring that doubt would never be a bother
By filling in the gaps with commercial breaks
To show all the losers exactly what it takes
So if one ever gets lucky enough to win
They'll already be indoctrinated in the church of sin