Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Misdirected Aggressions

Aggressions kept passive for what, to be polite?
Saying mean things nicely doesn't make it right.
I know of the desire to keep your true feelings hidden,
How saying what you feel feels somehow forbidden.
There's a fear of exposure we each teach ourselves
Stifling ambition, storing hopes up on shelves
But you can't expect that change is just going to happen,
If you wanna make a difference you've gotta take action.
Everyone is so used to hearing everyone complain,
After a while it doesn't even register in the brain.
It becomes ingrained, becomes the new language
We accept it as normal to be filled with anguish.
But no good can come from living that way;
So all we have to do is decide that this is the day
When we turn our aggressions away from each other.
Find the real cause and then use our numbers
For, instead of against ourselves.
Pull new ideas off those dusty shelves.
Speak freely and vent off all of our anger,
Give the oppressors a taste of danger,
Make the principalities aware of their errors,
And live in control, not controlled by terror.

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