Thursday, December 20, 2007

Designer Gauze

Tempted by images that remain unseen
Only imagined on a glowing screen
But to tease with the notion of being pleased
Leaves an empty abscess open to disease
And that's the subtlest kind of infection
With no noticeable change until you attempt correction
Out of mind and out of sight
Makes it a difficult foe to fight
Hidden under a carefully crafted facade
Designed in the image of the electric god
That first created the emptiness
Then showed exactly how the wound should be dressed
And sins confessed back to the master
Keep the authority omniscient to avoid disaster
And if anyone lacks the faith to believe
That they can buy anything they might need
Cast them down with the bankrupt sinners
For this system is built to breed only winners
No matter how many losers it takes to make one
Ignore the rest and worship billboards of the chosen son
Who followed the path of a faceless father
Ensuring that doubt would never be a bother
By filling in the gaps with commercial breaks
To show all the losers exactly what it takes
So if one ever gets lucky enough to win
They'll already be indoctrinated in the church of sin

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