Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zombie Land

Walk around on zombie streets 
Where all the zombies that you meet
Wander 'round with out an aim
Pawns in someone elses game
  Waiting for their turn to come

Walk the streets of zombie land
See undead shamblers under the command
Of some dark hidden master
Who awaits a great disaster
  Guessing where it will be from

Always watching, he looks out towards
The landscape filled with zombie hordes
Flesh barely clinging to skeletons
And wraiths that drift forever on
  Thinking this is eternity

But in the woods the werewolves prowl
While vampires hide in lofty towers
Whose foundations are starting to crack
Split by roots that won't be held back
  From a great undying tree

That gathers spirits of slaughtered creatures
Which find willing hosts and show their features
Showing the vengeance that they felt
When they were skinned for meat or pelt
  Dying in violent confusion

But the spirits will to rest be laid
When the debts of their murderers are all paid
The life-suckers' secrets will all be made known
And each of the zombies will be shown
  That their slavers were just an illusion

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