Monday, March 2, 2009

Stuck Dreaming

Stuck dreaming, believing an American dream
Kept sedated so I won't realize
Given everything I need on a TV screen
So I won't even have to close my eyes

Stuck dreaming, believing that we're all free
And everything I see has got to be right
So sweat shop labor won't matter to me
As long as the sweat shops are kept out of sight

Stuck dreaming, believing what I want to believe
Believing I'm able to create an uprise
I'm free to do it whenever I please
Unless I'm so sedated that I don't realize

I'm stuck dreaming, in a cloudy land of bliss
Spending all my time on spending my time
Never noticing all the things I miss
Too busy just trying to try to survive

Stuck dreaming, that there's an easier way
I'll be saved by a last minute stroke of luck
Or by some salesman that I'll have to pay
Who was waiting, watching for me to get stuck

Dreaming, thinking that things would look up
Looking up to see faces staring down at me
Dividing and deciding if I'll make the cut
If I'm worth the time it takes to see

But I'm stuck dreaming of ways I might impress
The interested investors who will buy my time
Cause I don't use it, except to get washed and dressed
To show prospective buyers my goods are fine

But I'm stuck dreaming, that old American scheme
Thinking I can do anything that I please
But my plans aren't turning out how they seemed
And the more I try the more I feel diseased

I'm stuck in a dream
Or so it seems
But it's not mine
Is it yours

Why should I wait
At open gates
Getting irate
For an answer

Why do I stand
At a line in the sand
When I don't understand
Who drew it

Wait to be told
What I'll be sold
It's the same same old
But I'll buy it

It's all I can afford
And there'll be no more
Without our support
You better know it

So you can belong
Act like nothings wrong
Sing the same old song
And enjoy it

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Ian said...

You're good people.