Wednesday, January 9, 2008


If they want to track everything that I do then let them
I'm gonna take my fears and I'm gonna forget them
I'll just make everything I do be something that I want people to know
And I'll give all those creeps a real good show

I'll keep track of everything that I do too
And post it on the internet to show to you
So you'll watch my back while (hopefully) being amused
And I'll tell you where I'm looking to find the fuse

So at least if we're losing we can learn to fight it
Maybe dig up some good evidence that might ignite it
Conjure up old spirits by learning some history
So we can be warned of what we shouldn't repeat

And it might tip us off on what's happening now
The part the history books haven't gotten to
If like me, you aren't willing to wait and see
Just pay attention and we might write history

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