Wednesday, January 9, 2008


When you would shed a tear
but feel too weak
Call to your last strength
and stand up and speak.

I promise
for every critic you fear
There's hundreds more listeners
waiting to hear

Waiting for you
to inspire their thoughts
Because true inspiration
can't be bought

Some ideas won't make it
some might be proved untrue
These are experiences
for learning for you.

But each idea
that causes another to think
Will forge in the great chain
of agreement a link.

You won't remember your tears
with this thoughtful throng
But might shed some for joy
as you rise up in song.

A song that cannot
be written or produced
But will happen on it's own
by peace induced

And the more that sing
the greater it'll be
Diversity will create
more harmonies

For what monotone moron
would march to just one drum
Staying that course doesn't
seem productive or fun.

So stand up together
and examine the lies
And over the dark looming clouds
we can rise.

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