Friday, April 18, 2008

The Ancient Forest

   Underneath the ancient trees that grow their branches high towards the sky to gather up the light and filter it to flowing shades of emerald and jade which reflect upon the gently rolling waters of a stream where happy forest daughters bathe and dream pleasant visions of provisions from flowers grown to fruits on shoots that bend down from the branches of the trees, and pleased, the daughters freely play. 
   A sudden shudder in the leaves breaks them from their peaceful dreams to hear a buzzing strange machine the likes of which they've never seen. With cold claws it tears tender trees up from the earth and shakes the dirt off as it feeds entire trees to it's ever chewing teeth, billowing black coughs into the air that scare all the creatures on the boughs as they huddle and watch how the noble forest daughters go forward and are slaughtered by spinning blades. And the river runs red and black with blood and mud, turning dreams of those downstream into nightmares, but the machine has no cares as it bears it's buzzing blades into the trees.

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