Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Name

Those who choose to blame
a name
that they're given
on the life that they're living

Have lost sight
that what we write
with every line
is what defines

A name
will be the same
if a title is said
before the pages are read

let readers be led
through paths of mystery
with different histories

Where names are assigned
by the changing times
instead of being resigned
that the times are defined

By names
that stay the same
and stand in plain sight
and block out the light

Casting long shadows
until everyone knows
the tune
and soon

Know nothing else
Hearts beat with one pulse
which gets frantic
then paralyzed by panic

And no one is to blame
because we're all the same
One name that each accepted
without exception

No blame will be uneven
but also no reason
for anyone to believe
in any more to achieve

Than just a name like a sign on a hill
that all the passersby will
see and exclaim
'Oh my, what a big name!'

But never take the time
to stop and wonder why
they needed such a sign
for that name to be defined

Defined, and assigned a meaning
putting limits on being
We are the weavers of what the future will be
spinning together the tales of history

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